Trip Log - Mile Calculation

Trip Log – Business Mile Calculation tool can be accessed via the Top Panel.

Trip Log is available only on DB1, DB1-lite, DB3, and the other Teltonika tracking devices on our store. Trip Log allows fleet managers to distinguish mileage done by the vehicles in their fleet between; Business and Private mileage. HMRC requires businesses to accurately record and report the business mileage for tax reimbursements and Trip Log is the ideal tool for it.

  1. 1. Vehicle List: A list of the vehicles in the user account, select a vehicle to view its trips for the selected time period.
  2. 2. Information Box: Detailed information for the selected vehicle, including; Length of the trips, Top and Average speed, Duration of the trips, Business and Private mileage done for the selected time period.
  3. 3. Time Selection: Select the time period to view the details of the trips done.
  4. 4. Download: Download All, Business or Private mileage reports.
  5. 5. Default Selection: Select the default type for the trips, the trips done by the vehicle will be set to this default value (Business, Private, Skip)
  6. 6. Trip List: A list of all trips done by the selected vehicle. Use the Triple selection box on the left side of the Trip List to identify trips between Business, Private and Skip.