Top Panel

Top panel

The top panel allows quick access to the Live Map, Dashboard, Reports, Alerts, Trip logs, Settings, and frequently used tools.

    1. 1. Live Map – The map displays the real-time locations of the tracking devices in the user account. Device list can be accessed from the Live Map.
    2. 2. Alerts View preset alerts in the account, view notifications, add and edit alerts.
    3. 3. ReportsCreate, view and download informative travel reports.
    4. 4. Trip Log View the Trip logs, edit and distinguish trips between Business, Personal and Skip.
    5. 5. Tools – View the tools; Logbook, Find Address, Send Command and Images.
    6. 6. SMS Balance – View your balance and add SMS credits. SMS credits are used for sending commands to GPS tracking devices.
    7. 7. Settings Settings menu allows adding new objects, events and zones.
    8. 8.  Store – Link to visit our store.
    9. 9. Manual – View GPSLive User Manual.
    10. 10. Account – View the active account information
    11. 11. Language – Select interface language.
    12. 12. Log out – Log out from the current user account.