‘Reports’ allow analyzing routes, driver behavior, mileage, and fuel usage and can be exported and printed out for management purposes.

Reports can be accessed via the Reports button on the top panel.


The Reports screen will display the ‘New Report’ menu.

To create a new report, select the report type from the report types list on the left,

and then select vehicles you want to be included in the report, and then select the types of data items necessary.

Finally, give your report a name and select the date range to create the report.

You can generate the report instantly, schedule it for daily and weekly reports, or just save the template for later use.

Save button will bring up the menu for report name and file type.

Schedule Button brings up the schedule selection.

  • Daily – Enable/Disable to send the report daily to the e-mail address.
  • Weekly – Enable/Disable to send the report weekly to the e-mail address.
  • Send to e-mail – Enter e-mail addresses separated by comma(,) to send the reports to.


Data items

Choose data items which will be displayed in the report. Hold “Ctrl” key for multiple selections.

Report Types

  • – General information – Provides basic information; route length, top speed, average speed, consumed fuel, time and dates.
  • – General information (merged) – Displays General report merged in rows.
  • – Drives and stops – Provides the same information as General report, in addition, displays stops and driving information, addresses where the object stopped and duration of stops.
  • – Trips with Map – Displays the routes taken for the selected date range by vehicle(s) on the map view.
  • – Travel Sheet – Provides route coordinates, addresses of stops, duration of stops and Object’s fuel consumption.
  • – Overspeeds – Provides cases of speeding in the report as well as additional information such as exact speed and speeding duration.
  • – Under-speeds – Provides cases of under-speeding will be reflected in the report.
  • – Zone in/out – Provides geo-fence zone reports; entry time in each zone, exit time out of zone, stay time in zone.
  • – Events – Provides events information: time, event name coordinates and address of the event.
  • – Service – Provides service(maintenance) information.
  • – Fuel level – Provides all information about fuel level changes.
  • – Logic Sensor Graph – Provides a graph on the logic sensor input.
  • – Fuel level Graph – Provides a graph on the fuel level input.
  • – Temperature Graph – Provides a graph on the temperature.
  • – Sensor Graph – Provides a graph on the selected sensor.

When the ‘Generate’ button is pressed you will be taken to the report result page.

report results

When the ‘Save’ button is pressed you will be taken to the Report Templates page, you can use these templates to generate the same report whenever necessary.