Devices List

gps device panel
  1. 1. Devices tab – View a list of your objects (tracking devices).
  2. 2. Notifications tab – View recent events regarding your objects such as; speeding, zone in/out events and sensor readings.
  3. 3. Places tab – Allows to view, create, edit and delete Routes, Zones, and Markers.
  4. 4. History tab – View an object’s route history for a certain period of time, as well as create reports and export them.
  5. 5. Search – Search objects by name to quickly find them on the list.
  6. 6. Reload – Reloads objects list to refresh the latest location data.
  7. 7. Add object – Add a new object (tracking device).
  8. 8. Visibility checkbox – Option to turn on or off an object’s visibility on the map.
  9. 9. Object information – Name of the Object, date and time of last received data.
  10. 10. Quick Access – Allows quick access to an Object to view its History, Follow, Edit and Send command.

Quick Access

device history quick view

       Quick access is an all in one tool that allows;

  1. – View recent route history of an Object for a certain period of time,
  2. – Follow an Object in real-time,
  3. – Send a command to an Object,
  4. – View and Edit the details of an Object.