Device Details

object details

Device Detail panel can be found on the bottom of the GPSLive screen and it displays all information about the selected object.

Device Detail panel only appears if one of the Devices, Events or History tabs is selected in the left panel, and it displays;

GPS and GSM signal levels, Altitude, SIM Number, Angle, Odometer, Position, Status and Time.

    1. Altitude – Object height over sea level.
    2. SIM Card – The phone number of the sim card inside the tracking device.
    3. Angle – Current object angle (0 – 360° clockwise movement).
    4. Odometer – Object odometer readings.
    5. Plate – Pre-specified object plate number
    6. Position – Coordinates of the object’s location.
    7. Time – the Current time of the object.
    8. GSM Signal – The level of cellular connection.
    9. GPS Satellites – Number of satellites the tracking device has paired with.
    10. Ignition – Ignition status (on/off).