GPSLive Mobile APP

GPSLive Mobile APP makes it easier to locate your assets and vehicles in real-time on smartphones.

The latest version of GPSLive APP works with IOS (Apple) and Android based tablets and smartphones.

GPSLive APP can be downloaded from Google Play Store or IOS AppStore.




Once you download the GPSLive APP, you need to sign in to track your devices.

Login using your GPSLive credentials to view the dashboard.

If you need a new GPSLive account, tap on “Create New Account“.

Create New Account

Enter a valid e-mail address, login information will be sent via an e-mail.


Once you log in to the app, the first thing you will see is the Dashboard screen.

The dashboard displays a Quick View of your objects and allows accessing all app features.

Quick View: Quick view displays Objects in an account, along with real-time speed, Time of the latest data received from the Object and battery life (Works on battery powered trackers).

  1. Dashboard
  2. 1. Map: View the Map. Displays all of your objects on the map and offers 6 different maps such as; Streets, Satellites and Hybrid to make it easier to locate objects.
  3. 2. Devices: View a list of your Objects (GPS Tracking devices).
  4. 3. History: View the objects Route History.
  5. 4. Alerts: View available alerts, enable/disable the alerts.
  6. 5. Settings: View APP settings.
  7. 6. Notifications: View latest alert notifications.

1. Map

View the Map. All of the Objects’ in a GPSLive account will be displayed on the map in real-time.

Available Maps: OSM, Carto, Bing Road, Bing Aerial, Bing Hybrid, Mapbox Street, Mapbox Hybrid

2. Devices

View a list of Objects (Devices), Locate and Edit them.

Object Settings: Select an Icon for the Object.

Object Status: Real-time status of the Object. Online/Offline/Moving/Stationary.

Subscription Expiry Date: End of GPSLive Subscription for the object.

Object Information: Latest information received from the device; date, time, speed and odometer.

Add New Device

To add a new device to your GPSLive account, tap on “Add Device” and fill in the fields.

3. History

History allows viewing the route history of an object for a specific time and date, for up to previous 90 days.


Select Object, Time and Date. The route history will be displayed on the map with all routes taken along with stops.

4. Alerts

Select from the list and Enable / Disable alerts to receive Instant Push Notifications.


Alert types vary depending on the type of the tracking device.

5. Settings

View GPSLive mobile app settings.


View speed as Kilometers per hour or Miles per hour.

Option to Enable or Disable; Instant Push Notifications, Displaying Zones on the Map, Display arrows instead of icons.

6. Notifications

View the latest event notifications.

View the latest event notifications related to Objects along with the time and date of the event.